Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc. has joined the list of prestigious vendors and exhibitors attending the Cannabis Education Today Conference in Toronto on October 18th, 2019.

Cannabis Education Today is an interprofessional Conference & Expo that brings together all health care professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses and specialists for a full day of neutral education on cannabis.

Learn from experienced experts and clinicians offering evidence-based cannabis education, including the treatment and management of all patients ranging from recreational to medical users. Attendees will learn from top industry speakers and clinicians, as well as have the opportunity to network and discover new products on our dynamic trade show floor. Join us as we break down the barriers in cannabis education and provide you with current evidence, research, and expert opinions so that you can decide the best treatment for your patients.

Stop by the Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc. booth and find out how our experts can help you succeed in all aspects of the Canadian cannabis industry today!

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