Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection
821 Upper Wentworth Street, Hamilton, Ontario, L8V 2H7
Wednesday, November 28, 2018   3:30 to 7:00 pm

Who Would Benefit from this Event?

Anyone that is a Caregiver that is looking for information, support and services for their loved ones; family members and caregivers. Anyone that provides services, support and information to caregivers such as service providers, agencies, associations and businesses that provide services to caregivers, and medical professionals of all tiers.

Why is this Event Important to Caregivers?

Many caregivers are not aware of the services, information, resources and support available in their local community.   Allowing Caregivers the opportunity to make contact with as many service providers, agencies, associations and businesses available to them in their community at one time is very important and time saving for the Caregiver.

Why is this Event Different from other Events?

Going forward, the role of care giving is increasing, as our healthcare system struggles. Many families find themselves as a “sandwich generation” trying to cope with the needs of the multi-generational family plus work and other obligations. Caregivers provide assistance not just to the elderly, but for a variety of other health related issues for all ages.

There is a network of resources, services, support and information available to all facets of care giving, but accessing it is a challenge, especially when discharge planners/organizations are not aware of what is available in their community.  Although Care giving can be isolating and discouraging, by highlighting the resources available, the goal is to help relieve the stress, and loneliness.  The intent of this Event is to put that information front and center for caregivers, service providers and decision makers.

Caregivers need to be renewed and refreshed in order to take on their roles with vigor.  This Event will also include services that give back to the caregiver as well as providing the caregiver information, resources and support that they need, all in one place.