The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) announced at a news conference on Friday that a limited number of new products will be shipped to licensed retailers on Monday.

Cannabis edibles, extracts and topics were legally approved in October but there was a gap in the items that eventually hit the shelves due to a 60-day approval process imposed by Health Canada. Items will now be made available for purchase from the online retail website of the province on January 16.

Officials say that “a large number of vapes, some edibles and a tea brand” will include the initial run of products made available to licenced retailers.

David Lobo who is the Vice-President for Corporate Affairs of the OCS stated  “We suspect that over the first half of 2020 there will be a lot more new products that come to market but for the products that we got today, we expect that in February and March that supply will rapidly improve,”.

Lobo also stated “We will be making sure that every store has equal access to product through our allocations but just like any other product that has come to market over the past year as soon as supply improves we will completely open that up and stores can make their own choice around how much product they want to purchase.”

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