Starting in January 2020, the Ontario government is set to remove the cap on retail cannabis locations, allowing for companies to open locations without the extensive wait times and unfair lottery system that is currently in place.

 In a statement issued Thursday evening by Attorney General Doug Downey’s office, the restrictive conditions for prospective retailers will be removed and approved cannabis growers will be able to open a retail store at one of the production facilities of each company. The changes will also allow retail companies to sell more items related to cannabis, such as cookbooks and magazines.

Long wait times and the unfair lottery system has created a large public backlash against the province. Many entrepreneurs looking to open a retail cannabis location were denied simply based on the “luck of the draw”.  This has then reduced many cities and town’s access to being able to purchase legal cannabis from legal retail locations, which has driven people to obtain their cannabis from illegal sources such as online or illegal stores that have continued to stay open even after the provinces crackdown.

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