Employee Training (Retail Outlet)

With the coming rise of legal cannabis retail stores in Canada, it is now more than ever extremely important to make sure that employees of these locations are trained and educated properly on retail procedures, products and up to date on the current laws of the city, province, and country in which they operate.

To make sure their staff understands the wide range of products they are selling, employers need to provide education and documentation on each product and how they differ from others that they sell, what effects they have and how to safely sell them to the public.

At Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc., we work with retail companies small and large to provide their employees with a full in-depth training class and documentation on products such as dried flowers, oils, extracts, and edibles for products containing both THC and CBD exclusively or in combination.

We offer custom information guides to detail out the latest laws and policies of the city, province, and country to further educate the employees on their legal rights to protect them and the business.

Want to learn more about how we can help your legal retail business succeed? Contact us today to speak with us on how we can help educate your employees on the latest laws, products, and rights as an employee of a legal cannabis retail outlet.