Employee Training (Workplace)

employee training on cannabis in the workplaceSince Canada has legalized recreational cannabis use in October of 2018, companies across Canada have had a hard time understanding what it means for them and how they can protect their businesses.

In Ontario, for example, employers are rightfully concerned of impairment on the job and safety of others, and while it should be noted that recreational cannabis use is not be permitted in workplaces, employers may need to accommodate the use of cannabis in the workplace if an employee requires it to treat a disability or medical condition and must be done in compliance with Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

Since recreational cannabis is now legalized in Canada it is now more than ever very important to train company employees and employers how to understand the use and effects of cannabis while in and out of the workplace, and how they can ensure safety and policies regarding its use are fully understood for all within the company.

 At Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc., we work with companies large and small to provide a full in-depth training class on the multiple uses of cannabis, CBD, and other cannabis-related products to educate companies on the effects it can have on their business and their employees.

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