Micro Cultivation License

Micro Cultivation License

Originally smaller facility grows where placed into the same license as larger facilities which meant things like staffing and security where held at a much higher standard and strict regulation.

In late 2018 the Canadian government opened up to opportunity for smaller cannabis cultivation operations to apply for a special license called “Micro Cultivation License”. The micro cultivation license will allow companies to able to grow in a smaller area without having to invest in large facilities or warehouses costs to operate.

As expected, the license is limited to a smaller canopy grow area of 2152 square feet, any larger than this and the company would have to apply for a different cultivation license called the Standard Cultivation License.

At Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc., we will work with your small business or corporation to ensure that all cannabis-related legal documentation is handled properly, while also ensuring your micro cultivation facility meet the Canadian government regulations and production standards.

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