Standard LP Cultivation License

Standard Cultivation LicenseThe Standard LP Cultivation License is required when a cultivation facility’s canopy growth space exceeds 2152 square feet. The canopy space is the space that is allocated for the growing and flowering of the cannabis plant and does not include other rooms in the facility such as office space and storage.

Along with the increased canopy space facilities are required to have additional security including video surveillance/monitoring within certain areas of the facility to ensure the staff and personnel are kept safe and are monitored.

Under the new Canadian rules for cultivation, the Standard LP Cultivation License only allows for the cultivation of the plant and does not include medical sales. For a facility to sell their product for medical use, facilities will be required to have a Sale for Medical Purposes License.

At Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc., we will work with your business or corporation to ensure that all cannabis-related legal documentation is handled with utmost care and precision. We will also work with your company to ensure your cannabis cultivation facility meets the strict Canadian government regulations and production standards.

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